• Vinyl Pool Liners

    The surface of a vinyl pool liner is smooth and silky to the touch, unlike a concrete/gunite pool, which can be rough.

  • Gallery of Patterns

    Vinyl Pool Liners come in a variety of patterns. View our Portfolio to choose available styles.

  • Ordering

    Place a pool liner order online using our order form and we will be in touch with you right away.

  • Pool Guide

    Use this resource for tips on running your filter, maintaining water chemistry and caring for your vinyl pool liner.

Atlanta's Factory Direct Pool Liners

The Official home of Spartan Pool Products, Atlanta's Factory Direct Pool Liners has been in the swimming pool business since 1965. In the nearly 50 years since, we have built over 5,000 in-ground vinyl lined swimming pools, built over 600 Gunite pools (including commercial installations), manufactured and installed tens of thousands of vinyl pool liners both in-ground and above-ground and sold thousands of vinyl pool liners to our network of dealers in the United States, Central America and parts of Europe. Each of our vinyl pool liners is designed by technicians using high-tech CAD (Computer Aided Design) Software, insuring a perfect fit every time. Factory Direct Liners, Inc. owns the exclusive rights to sell and market Spartan Pool Products, a name that has been associated with the highest quality pool products for 60 years. Our production process delivers superior quality vinyl pool liners backed by a 15 year warranty. We specialize in handling the more difficult vinyl pool liner sizes and shapes. Our relationship with the manufacturers puts us in a position to supply name brand quality pool products such as safety covers, spa covers, pool fitters, and more at competitive pricing. Contact us today!