Caring for your Vinyl Liner


PVC flexible vinyl is a tough resilient material which should provide 10 years or more of enjoyment. However,  to get the maximum usage out of your liner you should follow some basic rules of care. The following are suggestions for the care of your liner, developed over years of experience, enjoy!

Keeping your pool water balanced, pH between 7.4 and 7.6; Total Alkalinity between 90 and 150; and avoiding chlorine levels over 3.0ppm, will add years to the life of the vinyl and will avoid excess fading. Avoid adding chlorine directly into the pool. Chlorine is heavier than water and will settle to the bottom and could bleach your liner.

Clean the area above the water line every 2 weeks using a soft bristle brush and pH adjusted soap. Never use an acid based or abrasive cleaner.

If it ever becomes necessary to drain the pool, have a professional pool company do it, the liner will need to be reset properly. We recommend you don’t drain the pool, generally it will cost as much to drain the pool as to chemically clean it up.

Check your vacuum cleaning equipment frequently. Look for sharp edges or brushes on the vacuum head which have gotten old and rigid.

It is good practice to purchase plastic glasses etc. rather than allowing family members to bring beverages and food to the pool in glass products.

Should your liner ever pull out of the coping, put it back into the coping as soon as possible. If you have trouble getting it back in call a pool professional.

Remove small metal objects such as bobby pins, etc. which may fall into the pool, they have a tendency to stain the liner.

If you use an automatic pool cleaner check it regularly looking for rough or abrasive areas that come in contact with the liner.